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San Diego Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

More than 250,000 people in the United States suffer from spinal cord injuries. They live with the effects of such injuries which can include partial or total paralysis and hinder their day-to-day activities. While you may be greatly affected by a spinal injury, this does not mean that you have to suffer alone. If you have a spinal injury, chances are you are entitled to compensation for that injury.

Regardless of who you believe is at fault for your injury, you need to seek legal representation if you have a spinal injury. Failure to do so could mean losing out on any type of monetary recovery for your injury. If you have medical bills and/or time loss from work as a result of your injury, expert attorney Robert Hamparyan can advise you the best course of action for making a claim.

What are the most common injuries and causes of spinal injury?

Spinal injuries can be caused by many things, the most common of which is automobile accidents. In fact, more than one-third of all spinal injuries are the direct result of a car accident. Sometimes the injury is immediately apparent, while other times there is a delayed onset. Understanding the symptoms of a spinal injury is imperative to seeking treatment and compensation.

You may have a spinal injury even though you do not experience paralysis. You could have a neurological injury to the spinal cord which can cause loss of feeling or losing the control of movement (or being unable to control a movement). Some indications that you have spinal injury can include extreme pain in your back or pressure in your head or neck. Additional signs can include difficulty walking, being unable to balance, and loss of your ability to control bodily functions. The only way to determine the extent of your injury is to seek proper medical care.

The first step is to seek treatment for your injury. Once you have, contacting Robert Hamparyan, an experienced San Diego back injury attorney, to evaluate your case is highly recommended. Without knowing the proper way to proceed with a claim, you could lose your rights to any type of recovery.

How difficult is it to pursue a back injury claim?

As with most injuries, claims for spinal injury require extensive documentation of the injury, including diagnosis and treatment. Expert medical testimony is also often required to prove your case. Without proper representation, this may seem like an impossible process.

Robert Hamparyan has extensive experience with spinal injury litigation. He knows what is required to prove a case and has built cases with all the complexities involved. While it may be difficult to prove, a claim for spinal injury is something that Hamparyan knows best and can provide you with expert legal advice.

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What type of recovery is available for spinal injuries?

When you have a spinal injury, you will need special care for many years to come. Often times, a spinal injury is irreversible and as such you will not regain your ability to do things you used to. As a result, you could be entitled to recovery for lost wages, both past and future. You could also be entitled to payment for your medical bills and future medical care. Pain and suffering is also a common award with spinal injury litigation. Do not settle with an insurance company for any of your medical bills without first contacting legal representation.

Evaluating your case

Do not pursue a claim for spinal injury on your own. By seeking legal representation from Robert Hamparyan as your San Diego back injury attorney, you will receive the advice necessary to make a decision on how to pursue your claim. Allow him to evaluate the complexities of your case so you will know what right of recovery you have for your injury and retain your legal right to compensation.

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