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San Diego Elder Abuse Attorney

One of the worst abuses in this country is visited on our elderly. They are left under the care of people we trust, but that trust gets trampled on too often. If your family is affected by a case of elderly abuse or neglect at the hands of a nursing home, you could be entitled to compensation for these terrible actions.

What Is Elderly Abuse?

Nursing home or elderly abuse comes in many forms. It can be physical harm caused to the residents of nursing homes. Staff can cause physical harm through actions or through lack of action. Neglect can be just as detrimental to physical health as any other physical harm. Failure to provide the necessities of life is a serious offense that can and should be tried in a court of law.

It can be a result of emotional harm from the conditions of the nursing home and attitudes of the nursing home attendants. Having less than ideal conditions often does considerable damage to the psyche and emotional state of the elderly patients.

Elderly abuse can also be as atrocious as financial fraud. Those who spend time in nursing homes have been known to take advantage of the frailty and susceptibility of the elderly. They forge signatures, take out excessive amounts of money and bring financial ruin on the patient on their family. These atrocities require the full force of the law to bring justice to the situation.

Robert Hamparyan is experienced with these cases

Robert Hamparyan has tried numerous cases before juries for this very cause. He seeks justice for those who can’t get justice for themselves. He is an experienced trial lawyer who has won multiple cases worth over 100 million dollars in awarded collections from wrongful cases. His experience comes from a lifetime of understanding the legal system and prevailing in the courtroom when other lawyers would settle for less.

His reputation has not gone unnoticed. He holds several prestigious awards and recognition’s from the legal community for his service. He has been awarded the San Diego Top Trial Lawyer, which is the most distinctive award for his services. He has also won the San Diego County Top Attorney for 7 consecutive years as well as a Super Lawyer for 6 years in total. He holds these awards because his dogged approach to coming through for those who have suffered wrongly.

Elderly Abuse Case Results

As a major proponent for personal injury cases, he brings his experience of the field to those who have been suffering at the hands of those who are meant to provide care. He gained this experience by starting out as a corporate lawyer for an insurance company. His job was to deny the claims and save the corporation money by not providing the due payouts. His passion for those who were wronged by the insurance companies prompted him to open his own office in San Diego to combat the cases he used to fight for.

This has produced some exceptional results. He has the distinction of being a no-nonsense lawyer who doesn’t back down from a rightful claim. Even in the face of settlement offers, he takes his claims to court, knowing that he can get juries to side with his clients. His jury awarded cases have just surpassed the $100 million mark for his clients. He has seen several jury awards come back for his clients of over $1 million for his client.

How Do You Know You Have an Eligible Case?

The first step in any elderly abuse case is to report your case to the authorities. Especially in the situation of fraud and physical abuse, the police need to be advised of the wrong doing. The second step is to bring your case details to the attention of Robert Hamparyan. His professional opinion and years of experience can determine if your case has the legal merit to bring to court. Each case is different, so it’s worth the time to investigate your case. Your initial consultation is free so there’s no risk involved.

The complex legal system can be hard to navigate, so it’s best left to the professionals at the Law Offices of Robert Hamparyan. From the filing of the paperwork, to the police reports, to the time-consuming insurance claims, we take the hassle off your hands. Your compensation could be worth more than just medical bills and other costs incurred. The abuse faced by an elderly nursing home resident could bring you more compensation than you originally thought.

Contact the team to schedule your nursing home abuse case and to speak to the lawyer who can finally get justice. Contact us at the Law Offices of Robert Hamparyan today.


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