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San Diego School, Youth & Religious Organization Sexual Abuse Victim Lawyer

Sexual abuse is a harrowing episode for survivors to live with. It comes with both physical and emotional harms that deeply scar the survivor for a lifetime. The criminal justice system tries to curtail this by prosecuting sex offenders, but a criminal case does not compensate the victim for their suffering. This is why many survivors of sexual assault or sexual abuse choose to file a civil case apart from the criminal case.

Sexual assault survivors deserve strong legal representation. In the San Diego area, Hamparyan Injury Lawyers is one of the most hard-hitting law firms that fight perpetrators of sexual injury.

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Sexual Abuse Civil Claims / Sexual Abuse Civil Lawsuits

The criminal prosecution of a sex offender may impose punishments such as jail time, fines, and probation, but typically, it does not provide any form of monetary payment to the victim. The only avenue for a sexual abuse survivor to obtain compensation is by filing a civil lawsuit. This monetary relief is valuable in covering the survivor’s medical care, therapeutic counseling, and other costs that are necessary for healing.

A civil claim against a sex offender may include economic damages like hospital bills and therapist fees, as well as non-economic damages like “pain and suffering” and emotional or mental distress. Due to the egregious nature of the offense, these claims frequently lead to high-value settlements or jury awards.

In one highly-publicized example, the University of Southern California agreed last year to pay $215 million to 93 women who sued the school over sexual abuse by its gynecologist. Another case resulted in a $3.1 million compensatory verdict for a Los Angeles woman who suffered from sexual harassment and battery from her employer. There is also the case of a former altar boy in Stockton, CA who was molested by a priest and received a $3.75 million settlement for it.

Aside from claiming against the offender, sexual abuse survivors may also claim against additional parties involved in the case. For instance, if the crime was committed by a member of a school staff, the school may be held accountable for being negligent in its security or in screening its employees. If the offender was a community leader whose organization covered up the abuse, that organization may be held liable as well.

Where Sexual Abuse Happens

We often hear of rapes and sex crimes in the news, and many of us assume that they happen in secluded places with suspicious individuals as perpetrators. In reality, sexual abuse can happen almost anywhere, and in many cases, it is committed by persons that the victims trust or look up to. Here are some common scenarios:

  • Students abused by teachers or school staff
  • Sexual abuse in youth organizations (the Boy Scouts of America, for example, is facing numerous allegations of this)
  • Sexual assault or harassment in the workplace
  • Molestation by religious leaders like priests and ministers (Clergy abuse)
  • Patients abused by doctors and other healthcare providers
  • Elder abuse in nursing homes and senior facilities
  • Molestation or exploitation of persons with mental disabilities
  • Sexual violence in college dorms, fraternities, and sororities
  • Child abuse by guardians or in foster homes
  • Domestic abuse in marital or dating relationships.

Surmounting Challenges in a Sexual Abuse Injury Case

It takes an incredible amount of courage for a sexual abuse survivor to speak up about their experiences. They might feel confused or even numb regarding what they have gone through. In addition, they have to grapple with the fear of raising a complaint against the perpetrator, who is often an authority figure or a person of power.

It is important for loved ones to surround the victim with compassion and help them find the right path to healing. Moreover, a sexual abuse survivor needs a fearless yet empathetic attorney if they wish to pursue the compensation they deserve.

Fearless legal representation is crucial when standing up to perpetrators of abuse. Many of these perpetrators are well-resourced and backed by powerful institutions. It takes a skillful, aggressive lawyer to face them in a civil case – someone who can thoroughly investigate and establish the abuse, strategize winning arguments, and remain uncompromising even in David-and-Goliath situations.

At the same time, it is essential for a sexual abuse injury attorney to have empathy for the client. Fighting for compensation should not have to be unnecessarily stressful for abuse survivors. They should not have to deal with unreachable lawyers, incomprehensible legalese, and anxiety over how their case is progressing. The kind of attorney they deserve is accessible, provides clear legal answers, and constantly communicates with them regarding their case. Most of all, the attorney should have utmost professionalism in handling a case as delicate as sexual abuse.

What Our San Diego Sexual Abuse Lawyers Can Do For You

Hamparyan Injury Lawyers is a highly effective law firm, with a 98 percent success rate in injury-related cases. We have won over $200 million for our clients, including 40 individual cases that settled at $1 million and above. This is only one of the reasons that individuals and families in the San Diego area trust us for their delicate legal situations.

With Hamparyan Injury Lawyers, you can expect:

  • Skilled and fearless representation. Our lawyers’ skills have been honed by decades of experience, both in settlement negotiations and in trials. Our million-dollar victories and multiple awards affirm this, and so do our former clients who are pleased with their recoveries.
  • Sensitive and professional treatment. Taking legal action is a brave thing for you to do. While our attorneys are aggressive when it comes to handling your case, our entire team makes it a point to be considerate with you. We fully respect each of our clients and try to make them feel like family with us.
  • No-fee guarantee. We understand that you are already burdened with so much. You do not have to pay us any legal fees unless and until we obtain an amount for you. This means you won’t have to risk any money upfront just to get quality legal service from us.

Whether you simply want legal advice at this point, or you have already decided to file a sexual abuse civil lawsuit, you can count on Hamparyan Injury Lawyers to provide the top quality legal service you need and deserve during this very difficult time.

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