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San Diego Bike Accident Attorney

In a perfect world, your well being depends only on your ability to take safety precautions and act responsibly. But as most cyclists know, accidents can happen through no fault of your own. Many people have set out on their bicycle for a relaxing and invigorating ride, only to become injured in an accident. It’s never easy to deal with these types of instances, especially if you try to do it alone. Trying to get the compensation you deserve for your ordeal can be hard without help, especially as you try to handle the issue while nursing personal injuries you may have incurred during the incident.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You

Some people think that if they were injured in an accident, getting compensated for the ordeal is easy. However, this is not always the case. The legal field can be a complicated one, especially if the other party isn’t willing to cooperate. The physical pain and mental toll associated with bicycle injuries can be extremely difficult to handle, but a professional attorney could help you get the issue resolved in a timely, civil, and satisfactory manner. If you’re looking for a San Diego bike accident attorney, contact Robert Hamparyan.

Does the Type of Attorney You Contact Matter?

The legal field presents many options to those who are looking to receive compensation for a personal injury incurred during an accident. However, not all law firms are the same. In fact, many lack the credentials, experience, and reputation needed to handle these types of cases properly. Opting for an unqualified attorney can leave you with a lower settlement than you deserve – or in some cases, no settlement at all.

If you’re thinking about taking legal action after being injured during a bicycle accident, consider Robert Hamparyan as your choice for a San Diego bike injury lawyer. This trusted legal professional offers:

  • Appropriate Experience: As a former defense attorney for insurance companies, Robert Hamparyan knows how these organizations function. By utilizing his in-depth knowledge of this industry, he has created positive results for clients and helped them get the compensation they deserve.
  • A Commitment to Outstanding Results: The Law Offices of Robert Hamparyan is committed to getting the maximum compensation for clients who have suffered personal injuries as a result of bicycle accidents. Thanks to this dedication, over 40 clients have received settlements exceeding $1 million for their ordeals.
  • A Proven Record of Success: Many legal firms will boast about their skills, but not all of them can back it up. Robert Hamparyan boasts a case success rate of over 98%. He has received over a dozen awards for his work, and was also recognized by the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego with the prestigious Trial Lawyer of the Year Award in 2008.

If you’re suffering from an injury and are uncertain what to do, don’t wait – get in touch with the legal professional who knows what you’re going through and is ready to lend his expertise to your need.

Feeling Unsure About Taking Legal Action?

Some people are nervous when they think of the prospect of taking legal action, even if they weren’t at fault during an incident. The courtroom can be a tense environment for some, but those who have suffered from bicycle injuries should know that they have a right to be compensated when the accident wasn’t their fault. California’s favorable climate makes it a popular spot for cyclists – however, the state also boasts the highest rate in the country for bicycle-related fatalities.

Bicyclists who obey traffic laws and ride in appropriate lanes should be safe from harm, but sadly this isn’t always the case. Many riders become victims of accidents due to a few key reasons, such as:

  • Inadequate/Poorly Maintained Infrastructure for Bike Riders
  • Distracted/Drunk Drivers
  • Drivers Disobeying Traffic Laws and Signs

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