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San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A motorcycle collision can come out of nowhere. One day, you’re just riding along then, all of a sudden, disaster strikes, you’re in a crash, you hit the pavement, you’re now a motorcycle accident victim with in best case scenario some property damage and physical therapy. In the  worst case scenario severe injuries such as road rash, head injuries, traumatic brain injury and maybe even paraplegia or paralysis. Now you’re hurt, in pain and anguish, afraid, and scared of what comes next. The questions start coming: Do you have motorcycle insurance? What does my insurance policy cover? What exactly is California law regarding the rights of motorcyclists who need to file a motorcycle claim? Are you within the statute of limitations? How do you get the settlement offer you deserve?

The medical expenses are piling up, and you’re not sure what resources are available to you or where to turn. Luckily, you’re not alone. While there’s no way to prevent motorcycle crashes due to a negligent driver, a motorcycle accident lawyer at Hamparyan Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego, APC can help get bikers the financial compensation they need so they can focus on recovery.

Experience matters

Even with strict helmet laws in place, every year there are too many motorcycle accident fatalities, more than 500 people are killed or seriously injured in motorcycle accidents on California roads. At our firm, we have ample experience in dealing with motorcycle victims. We understand that a crash can result in injuries that will affect your life. You have bills to pay, a family to care for, and work to attend. When you have serious injuries, your losses such as lost wages can cause medical bills to build up. Our goal is to help accident victims avoid the stress and risk of this situation and take care of your accident claim before it becomes an emergency.

Pursuing Your Injury Claim

If you’ve suffered injuries, you’ll want to begin your claim immediately. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes. If you’re like most people, you don’t know how to go about filing your claim. Insurance claims are tricky to file correctly, and many people who attempt to slog through the process of dealing with an insurance company on their own wind up making mistakes that can cost them hundreds, even thousands, in compensation.

Rider accidents often involve issues unique to riders such as lane splitting, speed, left-hand turns, road hazards, motorists visibility and more. To file a successful claim and earn the result you deserve, you’ll need to ensure you have documented evidence, a copy of the police report and accident investigation, expert testimony, doctor and medical testimony along with medical records indicating the extent of the injuries, as well as any future medical treatments, and accident reconstruction materials. This is an extensive process that most people don’t feel up to tackling on their own. This is why you need an experienced motorcycle accident law firm.

Why choose our practice?

An avid fellow rider and experienced litigator in the arena of personal injury claims, Robert and his legal team have recovered more than $100 million for his clients throughout the years. He’s won over 40 separate million-dollar plus settlements for accident victims and has the skill and experience needed to get your case settled right the first time. Our firm is unique in the sense that we’re able to take on high-stakes, catastrophic cases that other attorneys aren’t qualified to handle, such as traumatic brain injuries, back and spinal cord injuries, and permanent disability, to name a few. When you work with our motorcycle accident attorneys, we’ll handle everything for you.

While you’re recuperating from accident injuries, we believe your only job is to get better. We’ll handle all of the stress of insurance companies, medical bills, and claims for you.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies can feel like a nightmare at times. Between the endless phone calls, the frustrating back-and-forth, and being made to feel like, somehow, you’ve done something wrong, fault and negligence is questioned, even though you’re the one who’s hurt, it’s understandable to want qualified help when dealing with your insurance claim. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of settling with the company before seeking representation. You might put a cap on any future compensation that the insurance company rightfully owes you if you do. We’ll work with you on your case to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve to pay your medical bills, cover damages, and make up for missed wages at work.

Robert Hamparyan The Riders Lawyer

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Our entire team of San Diego motorcycle injury lawyers is dedicated to the success of our clients. We promise that we’ll fight tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve for your accident case.


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