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San Diego Homeowner Insurance Claim Attorney

Claiming with your home insurance can be confusing and frustrating. Navigating the claims process requires expertise in insurance law and policy language. The Hamparyan Law Firm have over 20 years of experience helping San Diego homeowners get the best possible settlement after fires, floods, storms, and other disasters. If your insurance company is delaying, denying, or underpaying your claim, don’t go it alone. Call the attorneys at Hamparyan Law Firm today at (619) 550-1355. Your consultation is free.

What is Homeowners Insurance Bad Faith?

Homeowners insurance bad faith involves unfair claim handling practices by insurers that breach their duty of good faith and the fair dealing they owe to policyholders. Some common bad faith actions related to wrongful homeowner claim denials include:

Denying Valid Claims Without Just Cause

Insurers act in bad faith when they deny rightful claims without citing a reasonable basis under the policy. Refusing to pay covered losses without proper justification violates California law.

Misrepresenting Policy Terms and Exclusions

Another common bad faith tactic involves taking policy provisions, conditions, or exclusions out of context to assert that a homeowner’s otherwise valid claim is not covered.

Demanding Unreasonable Amounts of Documentation

Insurers may make excessive or unreasonable demands for documents, estimates, bills, and other proofs as an excuse to delay or deny payment on a valid claim.

Applying Excess Depreciation

Insurers have wrongly applied excessive depreciation deductions on destroyed property in order to significantly underpay homeowners’ rebuilding costs.

Intentionally Dragging Out Claim Handling

California law requires insurers to promptly handle, evaluate, and accept or deny claims. Intentionally stalling decisions and communications shows bad faith.

These wrongful practices allow policyholders to pursue bad faith damages against their home insurer for mishandling otherwise valid claims.

Why You Need a Homeowner Insurance Claim Lawyer

Filing with a home insurance claim without legal representation puts you at a significant disadvantage. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers looking for ways to minimize or deny claims. They exploit loopholes and technicalities in policies the average person doesn’t understand.

Having an experienced insurance claim lawyer levels the playing field. A competent attorney knows insurance policies inside and out, ensuring you get every benefit owed. Your lawyer should also have the tenacity and leverage to get insurers to pay fair settlements.

Specific reasons you need a homeowner insurance claim lawyer include:

  • Maximizing Claim Payout – Insurers routinely make lowball offers hoping homeowners will accept less than they deserve. A lawyer makes sure you get full compensation.
  • Policy Expertise – Insurance adjusters often use complex policy language to deny claims. A lawyer understands what is and isn’t covered so you get all eligible damages paid.
  • Proving Damages – Quantifying your losses requires specialized knowledge. A lawyer gathers evidence like repair estimates to validate your claim.
  • Negotiation Leverage – Attorneys know how to negotiate fearlessly with insurers to get them to offer fair settlements rather than face litigation.
  • Avoiding Delays – Insurers often stall the process, hoping homeowners will be desperate enough to take a low offer. Lawyers speed up the process.
  • Matching the Negotiating Power – You’re overmatched against the insurer’s legal team without experienced representation on your side.

Having an experienced insurance claim lawyer increases your odds of getting a full and fair settlement compared to going it alone. Don’t leave money on the table – get legal help fighting for your maximum claim payout.

Hamparyan Law Firm Insurance Claim Experience

With offices in San Diego and Carlsbad, Hamparyan Law Firm have helped numerous clients get fair compensation after disasters damaged their home. Our firm’s track record of success comes from our litigation experience and deep understanding of insurance policies. The firm’s founder Robert Hamparyan is a multi-awarded attorney who has dedicated his practice to helping Southern Californians face insurance companies. He stays on top of changes in laws and regulations to maximize clients’ recoveries.

Why San Diego Homeowners Need Insurance Claim Help

San Diego’s subtropical climate and coastal location make it vulnerable to natural disasters like fires, floods, storms, and earthquakes. Even a minor event can cause tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Dealing with insurance claims after a disaster adds incredible stress. You may be displaced from your home for months as repairs drag on. The insurance company seems to always find reasons to delay payments.

Without an advocate, the deck is stacked against you. The last thing you need during this highly stressful time is for the insurance company to take advantage of you. Insurers have done that too many times. That’s why we at the Hamparyan Law Firm pour our experience, skills, and hard work to make sure you get properly compensated.

The Hamparyan Process for Getting You Compensated

At Hamparyan Law Firm, we start by reviewing your insurance policy line-by-line to determine what is covered. Many homeowners are surprised to learn their policy has gaps in coverage. Next, our team thoroughly investigates your claim and gathers evidence to support your losses. Photos, contractor repair estimates, inventory lists, and other documentation help prove your case. Armed with a deep understanding of your policy and evidence supporting your claim, Hamparyan lawyers negotiate aggressively with the insurance company. We don’t hesitate to take legal action if the insurer refuses to pay fairly.

Our specific roles include:

Claim Investigation

  • Inspect damage.
  • Interview witnesses.
  • Gather repair estimates.
  • Document losses.

Claim Preparation

  • Calculate claim value.
  • Assemble evidence.
  • Draft demand letter.

Claim Negotiation

  • Negotiate with insurer.
  • Explain policy provisions.
  • Refute lowball offers.

Legal Action

  • File a lawsuit if needed.
  • Litigate bad faith claims.
  • Take cases to trial.

The Hamparyan legal team handles everything from start to finish. Our goal is always to get clients the maximum amount they deserve under their policy.

Why Choose Hamparyan Law Firm

Numerous Californians now trust the Hamparyan firm for their insurance claims, including homeowners insurance disputes. Here’s why:

  • Track record of success. We’ve obtained over $100 million for our clients across various insurance claims and disputed cases.
  • Experienced attorneys. With nearly three decades of practice under our belt, we know exactly how to negotiate with insurers and counter their tactics.
  • Respected in the industry. Our head attorney Robert Hamparyan has received many professional accolades, including the Super Lawyer award for 15 consecutive years.
  • No fee until you win. You don’t pay us any lawyer fees until we obtain compensation for you. You risk no money when you approach our firm.

Homeowner Insurance Claim Denial in California FAQs

What are the top reasons home insurance claims get denied in California?

In California, the most common reasons for home insurance claim denials are inadequate documentation, suspected fraud, pre-existing damage, and causes not covered by the policy.

How can I prevent my California home insurance claim from being denied?

Prevent claim denials in California by reviewing your policy coverage regularly, documenting home repairs and maintenance, avoiding claim exaggerations or misrepresentations, and submitting all required proof documents.

What options do I have if my California home insurer wrongly denies my claim?

If your California home insurance claim was wrongly denied, you can file a complaint with the state Department of Insurance, submit an appeal with evidence supporting your claim, negotiate a reversal, or sue for breach of contract and bad faith. In any of these, it can be crucial to have a lawyer guide you and protect your rights. Even if you believe you have a clearly reasonable appeal, an insurance company may still find ways to dispute it.

Can I get help from the California Department of Insurance if my claim was denied?

Yes, you can file a complaint with the California Department of Insurance if you believe your home insurance claim was wrongly handled or denied by your insurer.

Is there a time limit to file an appeal on a denied home insurance claim in California?

Yes – the time limit to file a homeowners insurance appeal may be set by the insurance company. Check your policy to see if there’s a time frame or deadline for appealing a denied claim. If you are unsure what your next step should be, please don’t hesitate to consult for free with the Hamparyan firm.

What damages can I recover if I sue for wrongful denial of my California home insurance claim?

If you successfully sue your insurer in California for wrongful denial, you can typically recover your actual claim losses plus interest, legal fees, and additional bad faith damages.

How much time does a home insurer have to evaluate my claim in California?

California law requires insurers to accept or deny a home insurance claim within 40 days of receiving all required supporting documents from the policyholder.

Can I still negotiate a settlement if my California home claim was denied?

Yes, even after receiving a denial, you still have the right to negotiate and potentially settle your California home insurance claim for a portion of your damages. It’s helpful to get an attorney’s assistance for this.

What happens if I accept a low settlement offer on a denied California home claim?

If you accept a lowball settlement on your denied California home claim, you generally waive your right to further dispute the denial or file a lawsuit against the insurer.

Contact Hamparyan Law Firm

If your homeowners insurance claim has been denied or you feel the insurer is underpaying, contact Hamparyan Law Firm today for high-quality legal help. Hamparyan lawyers will review your policy, investigate your claim, and fight to get you every dollar owed by the insurance company.

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