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One of California’s most active and successful accident lawyers.


One of California’s most active and successful accident law firms.

About Robert Hamparyan, J.D.

Robert Hamparyan is one of California’s most accomplished and respected personal injury lawyers. He first attended the University of Southern California, where he received his B.A. After receiving his undergraduate degree, he proceeded to the Western State University School of Law where he received his Juris Doctor Degree. Equipped with the knowledge he needed to become a successful attorney, Robert went into the legal field ready for action.

Robert Hamparyan is now head attorney at Hamparyan Law Firm and one of Southern California’s most successful and active lawyers today. He has even been awarded Trial Lawyer of the Year because of his willingness to take a personal injury case to trial and truly fight for his clients. Robert feels confident in his abilities, because he began his career as an attorney working for insurance companies where he learned how they operate inside and out. He now uses this knowledge to his clients’ benefit in the courtroom, giving injured victims the best chance of getting the money they deserve.

Awards and Professional Associations

From the years 2009-2017, Robert has been awarded with the San Diego County Top Attorney Award. Robert was also named Super Lawyer for those same years, which is an honor that he takes seriously.

Another impressive accolade Robert has received is the 2008 Trial Lawyer of the Year Award. Because of the recognition Robert and his law firm have received over the years, he makes sure that he and his team members do their very best to live up to their clients’ expectations.

Robert is also a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, also known as ABOTA, and is an inductee to the American College of Trial Lawyers, or ACTL. In addition to these associations, Robert is affiliated with the U.S. District of Court, Southern and Central Districts of California 1995.

Robert’s Areas of Expertise

When it comes to cases that Robert has tried in the past, there aren’t too many personal injury-related scenarios he hasn’t experienced before. Robert has successfully taken sexual harassment, employee misconduct, wrongful insurance practices, spinal/brain injuries, and many other types of cases to court. He has also passed his valuable knowledge onto his already experienced team of lawyers who make use of the information to try and increase the firm’s already impressive case success rate of 98%.

Overall, any case that involves someone who was injured is going to be of interest to the Hamparyan Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego. When someone is hurt because of another person or company’s negligence, it is up to a reliable lawyer to get the victim the money they deserve.

Robert’s Personal Views

Robert saw many aspects of the legal system first-hand when he was working with insurance companies at the beginning of his legal career. After he learned what insurance companies try to do and how they function, he took it upon himself to begin representing regular people who were harmed because of another’s negligence. Providing top quality legal services to those who truly need them is something that sets Robert’s law firm apart from his competition.

In order to provide the best legal services in San Diego, Robert believes in working on a contingency basis. This means that he will accept a client’s case without asking for any money up front, and won’t charge the client anything if he happens to lose the case. After the case is won, though, Robert will take his legal fee from the award money the client receives–this gives everybody the opportunity to have the best legal representation possible. There’s no need to worry about paying a lawyer money up front for a personal injury case when there are lawyers who believe in working on a contingency basis for the sake of their clients.

For a personal injury lawyer, Robert has a particularly high level of trial activity under his belt. Most personal injury lawyers will ask the at-fault party to settle with their client before the case goes to trial, but Robert is not afraid of going to trial for the sake of his clients. Because of his willingness to take a case to trial, many other attorneys consult him on high stakes cases or those in which the outcome is not so easy to determine.

When a victim simply wants to get the money they need to cover medical expenses, time off of work, and other financial burdens they suffered because of their injury, they are going to want a lawyer that’s efficient, experienced, and skilled. Those who need a lawyer in San Diego should contact the Hamparyan Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego to get a free consultation on their legal matter. A reliable law firm is going to offer free legal advice to potential clients so they can make the best decision possible in their particular case, whether they end up hiring a lawyer or not.


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