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Personal Injury Lawyer


Personal Injury Lawyer

An El Cajon Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Trust

When you suffer from a personal injury, it can feel like the whole world is against you. You’ve endured an injustice, whether at work from an injury, on the roads from a car accident, or even at the hands of someone else from at attack. It might feel unfair, unjust, and that no one can help you.

It can be worse when you deal with it on your own. There are mountains of paperwork, medical bills, and insurance claims to fight through. The injustice of a personal injury shouldn’t be this hard. So, who’s going to help you through this hard time?Robert Hamparyan is El Cajon’s personal injury lawyer of choice. He and his team can help you work through your paperwork, fight your battles with the insurance companies, and sort out the medical bills. They will take on the burden and allow you the time to rest, recuperate and get back to normal life as soon as possible. Robert Hamparyan is the trial lawyer who can make a claim for you and fight on your behalf. He’s on your side.

At the Law Offices of Robert Hamparyan, we specialize in settling and litigating personal injury suits, and we promise to be here for you every step of the way.

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Home and hospital visits are available if you are not able to travel. Our El Cajon personal injury lawyers can meet with you at a convenient location to discuss your personal injury claim and help you determine the best course of action.

Who is Robert Hamparyan?

Robert is an El Cajon trial lawyer who specializes in personal injury claims and fights on behalf of those who are victims of injustices. He has recovered millions of dollars in settlements and trials for personal injury claims of all kinds. He works with car accident victims, workplace injury claims, construction injuries, personal attacks, nursing home negligent cases, and wrongful death claims. His total for collected settlements is now over $100 million dollars for his clients.

He’s been awarded the distinctive Top Trial Lawyer in San Diego, which is the highest honor given to trial lawyers. He currently holds the San Diego County Top Attorney since 2009 to 2015 consecutively. He also has been chosen as Super Lawyer for six years since 2009. Because of his successes, he’s seen as a major force in the courtroom as he fights on behalf of those who’ve suffered wrongly at the hands of a person, a corporation, or a company.

What Is Classified as a Personal Injury?

There are many different varieties of personal injury claims. The legal team has worked with clients for everything from dog bites to bad faith insurance claims to bicycle accidents. Personal injury can be as serious as a brain or spinal injury resulting in severe debilitation or paralysis. It could just be bumps and scrapes, but regardless of who’s at fault, you could be entitled to some form of compensation. The best way to determine what your claim could recover is to have a consultation today with the legal team of Robert Hamparyan.

El Cajon’s Personal Injury Lawyer Gets Results

Having earned several awards for personal injury claims, Robert Hamparyan is the dedicated trial lawyer who has the proven results. So, why should you choose to consult him about your personal injury?

Respect – The law offices of Robert Hamparyan work hard, because they respect your injury and the suffering that it brings. You might be entitled to a significant claim in the case that your injury has brought on long lasting damage. We respect your current situation and we want to see that you get exactly what you’re owed.

Experience – In his previous employment, Hamparyan was a defense attorney for the insurance industry. He has first-hand knowledge how they withhold claims and deny rightful payments. He also has experience earning multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of his clients. That experience comes to bat for you and your personal injury claim.

Perseverance – Robert Hamparyan has a reputation for being dogged and resolute. He doesn’t accept out of court settlements but would rather fight the battles in his proven field; the courtroom. His trial practice ensures that he knows how to get the most settlements out of juries. He works hard to get the just rewards for those who have endured injustice. His 98% success rate for his clients backs up that hard work and perseverance claim.

Dedication – The legal team here fight for the people of El Cajon as their personal injury lawyer. We are dedicated to clearing up those medical bills, dealing with the insurance companies, and sorting all the paperwork while you focus on recuperating and getting better.

Free Consultations Available for Injury Claims

If you think you could benefit from Robert Hamparyan’s experience, successful practices, and resolute approach to fighting on behalf of his clients, make the call today. You can arrange a consultation for your personal injury because it’s nearly impossible to figure out the complex personal injury system on your own. Always seek out the advice and treatment of a medical professional first. Get your health sorted out. We will sort out the rest with your personal injury lawyer by your side.

You will be in good hands with an El Cajon personal injury lawyer who takes the stress of all the bills, paperwork, insurance claims, court dates and expert witnesses off your shoulders. Contact us today so that we can focus on all of the details of your case and on obtaining maximum compensation for your injuries. Once we take on your case, all you need to focus on is getting better. Contact our team today so that we can help you to move on with your life.

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