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San Diego Water Damage Insurance Claim Dispute Attorney

Water damage can wreak havoc on a San Diego home. Burst pipes, flooding, and other water disasters often cause extensive property damage. While homeowners insurance should provide coverage in these situations, many insurers try to deny or dispute claims, leaving homeowners to deal with a difficult claims process on top of making repairs. If your San Diego water damage insurance claim has been wrongly denied or disputed, the experienced insurance dispute attorneys at Hamparyan Law Firm can help. Call (619) 550-1355 for a free consultation.

Common Causes of Water Damage in San Diego Homes

There are several common sources of water damage in San Diego homes:

  • Flooding from heavy rains, backed-up storm drains, or overflowing bodies of water
  • Burst pipes or failing appliances like water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Storm damage allowing water intrusion
  • Sewer line backups.

Water from these sources can cause severe damage to flooring, walls, furnishings, and the structural integrity of a home. Quick action is necessary to prevent mold growth and more destruction.

Why Insurance Companies Dispute Water Damage Claims

After a water loss, many homeowners expect their insurance policy to make things right again. However, insurance companies often dispute valid water damage claims for unfair reasons, including:

  • Looking for technicalities or loopholes to deny the claim
  • Disagreeing over the cause or extent of damage
  • Alleging the homeowner failed to promptly fix the problem or mitigate damage
  • Claiming an exclusion like flood damage applies.

This wrongful claim denial leaves the homeowner stuck with massive repair bills at the worst possible time.

Tips for Filing Your Initial Water Damage Insurance Claim

To avoid issues when filing a water damage claim, it is important to:

  • Document damage with photos or videos before making any repairs.
  • Keep receipts for temporary fixes or mitigation expenses.
  • Only make permanent repairs once approved by the adjuster.
  • Review your policy so no important coverages are left out.
  • Be detailed yet concise when explaining the damage.

What to Do if Your Claim is Denied

If your San Diego insurance provider denies your water damage claim, contact the legal team at Hamparyan Law Firm right away by calling (619) 550-1355. Our attorneys can evaluate your policy, determine if the denial was justified, and fight the insurance company to get your claim paid.

How a Water Damage Insurance Dispute Attorney Can Help

An insurance dispute lawyer assists by:

  • Reviewing your policy to confirm available coverages
  • Dealing directly with the carrier and negotiating firmly
  • Filing a lawsuit for breach of contract or bad faith, if applicable
  • Taking the case to trial if the insurer refuses a fair settlement.

Attorney fees are also covered in most insurance dispute cases on a contingency fee basis. The experienced insurance lawyers at Hamparyan Law Firm understand all the tactics insurers use to deny water and flood damage claims. We have helped numerous homeowners throughout Southern California successfully appeal wrongful claim denials and obtain the compensation they deserve from their insurer.

Hamparyan Law Firm Gets Results

The attorneys at Hamparyan Law Firm have recovered over $100 million for injury victims over the years. Our firm’s track record with appealing wrongfully denied insurance claims speaks for itself. If negotiations fail to get you a fair settlement from your insurer, we won’t hesitate to take legal action and fight for your rights in court.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage Insurance Disputes

What should I do if the insurance company denies part of my claim?

If your insurer pays only part of your water damage claim, contact Hamparyan Law Firm right away to review your policy. There may be room to negotiate for full compensation, or file a supplemental claim if damages were undervalued. If talks fail, legal action can compel the insurer to pay what they owe.

How much time do I have to take legal action against the insurance company for water damage?

In California, you generally have 4 years to file a lawsuit against your insurer over an unfair coverage denial of a property damage claim. However, other deadlines apply specific to the situation. To ensure you do not run out of time, consult our attorneys soon after any wrongful denial.

What key information should I provide to the attorney?

Bring copies of your policy, denial letter from the insurer, photos or videos of damage, repair estimates, mitigation receipts, and any written communications with the carrier. Details about conversations are helpful, too. This allows us to thoroughly evaluate the claim dispute.

Will hiring an attorney increase my chances of getting my claim paid?

Absolutely. Insurance companies often reverse wrongful denials when a determined lawyer gets involved, backed by the threat of legal action. We compel insurers to do the right thing.

How long could a lawsuit against my insurance company take?

Many claim disputes settle within a few months after a lawsuit is filed. However, complex cases can take 1 to 2 years if brought before a jury. There are many steps along the way where an insurer may become reasonable and agree to pay rather than face trial.

How are attorney fees structured in these types of cases?

We handle water damage insurance disputes on a contingency fee basis – we only collect if money is recovered for you. Fees come out of that settlement, at rates set by California law. There is no payment due upfront.

Get Legal Help Fighting Water Damage Denials or Disputes

For a free consultation with the insurance claim denial lawyers at Hamparyan Law Firm, call (619) 550-1355 now. We have the experience and resources to get your water or flood damage claim paid in full by your insurer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about your rights.


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