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Personal Injury Lawyer


Personal Injury Lawyer

Lemon Grove Personal Injury Lawyer

Even safe cities like Lemon Grove see their fair share of traffic accidents. Even the best doctors make mistakes, dogs in Lemon Grove may bite, and work accidents may still happen. If you find yourself with an injury resulting from these or any other scenarios, you need an experienced Lemon Grove personal injury attorney to help you determine what your options are. The Law Offices of Robert Hamparyan are here to support and guide you throughout the entire legal process. We’re here for you when you need us most.

At the Law Offices of Robert Hamparyan, we have years of experience in litigating personal injury cases. We know how insurance companies think, and we’re prepared to fight for you every step of the way.


If you are injured and unable to travel, we can arrange to visit you at home or in the hospital. We are available to meet wherever is convenient for you.

Why You Should Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Accidents can be traumatic. In your state of confusion, pain and anger immediately following the incident, you may be more likely to say something or to sign a document which could end up diminishing your right to compensation. Additionally, the law stipulates clear time limitations for filing your case. Cases against local authorities or government agencies must be filed within 6 months of the incident, and cases against private entities must be brought within two years.

Unfortunately, court cases take time. Waiting to file could lead to lost evidence and witnesses may move. Without strong supportive evidence, the chances of winning your case could diminish. Waiting also allows expenses to continue to accumulate, and the pressure of unpaid bills could lead you into accepting lower compensation than you are entitled to, merely for the sake of being expeditious. Finally, your Lemon Grove personal injury lawyer will need time to investigate your claim to gather the evidence needed to support it. The sooner they can get to work on your case, the better. It is in your best interest to file your personal injury claim as soon as possible after the incident.

What Steps Can You Take to Help Support Your Claim?

When you are injured by another’s actions or negligence, you are eligible for full and fair financial compensation for your injuries. Your Poway personal injury lawyers are here to help you pursue all of your compensation you are entitled to. After seeing a doctor, the second thing you should do is hire a trusted Poway personal injury attorney. While our legal team will take the burden off your shoulders, there are some actions you can take to help make the filing process less burdensome:

Impressive Experience. With over 20 years of legal experience, thousands of personal injury cases and numerous multi-million dollar cases under his belt, Robert Hamparyan’s experience is expansive. There isn’t a personal injury case he can’t handle.

High Success Rate. You want a lawyer who wins cases. With a trial success rate of over 98%, the Law Offices of Robert Hamparyan have demonstrated tangible success in cases which are often very complex. Your case could be the firm’s next success story.

Noteworthy Professional Reputation and Track Record – Favorable client reviews, may be easy enough to obtain, but awards like 2008’s Trial Lawyer of the Year, Super Lawyer for six years and Top San Diego County Attorney from 2009-2015 are not. Robert Hamparyan is recognized by the legal community as being a formidable, skilled trial lawyer. His accolades speak for themselves.

Wide Area of Expertise – From wrongful death and personal injury to traffic accidents, brain and spinal injuries, work accidents and dog bites, the Law Offices of Robert Hamparyan can handle them all.

We understand that your case is unique and that this can be a stressful time for you and your family. We will work through the complexities of your case on your behalf and let you focus on recovery from your injuries.

Time Waits for No One – Call Us Today for Your Free Consultation

When you suffer an injury, chances are you aren’t even sure if you have a personal injury claim, much less how to go about pursuing one and what that would involve. Contact the Law Offices of Robert Hamparyan, and our expert legal team will help you figure out where you stand what your next steps should be.

We will get acquainted with you and review your case, and provide the skilled legal expertise and support that you need. If we pursue your claim, we will deal with the medical bills, insurance companies and law enforcement on your behalf, giving you time to heal and recover. Our team will keep you informed of every step we take, and will always be available to answer all of your questions.

When an accident happens, it can completely derail you physically, emotionally and financially. Call our offices today and let us help you to get the ball rolling on your personal injury claim. Your first consultation is free, and it could put you on the path to recovering the full compensation you deserve. Contact the Law Offices of Robert Hamparyan today and schedule your free consultation!

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