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The grief, including emotions like anger, fear, and sadness, can be overwhelming for the loved ones of a victim who has paid the ultimate price for someone else’s negligence. In addition to putting together a funeral or memorial service, family members are faced with the monumental task of figuring out how life goes on after an accident.

There is nothing quite like losing a loved one to put a family through the most challenging and emotionally difficult time of their lives. However, this situation can become even more complicated when the death of a loved one is the result of someone else’s negligence and reckless behavior. When your loved one is hurt fatally in an accident, a family may have difficulty even figuring out next steps.

However, in the event that a loved one was killed as a result of someone else’s reckless behavior you may be eligible to pursue a wrongful death claim with the help of a Carlsbad wrongful death lawyer. There are many different things to think about in the wake of losing a loved one, such as planning a funeral, figuring out what to do with his or her assets and initiating the legal processes associated with the probate. During this time, it is critical to speak to an attorney during this time as this may enable you and other family members to get the help that is necessary to recover compensation in a wrongful death claim.

Personal injury law in California recognizes that family members may be significantly impacted by the loss of a loved one which is why personal injury law allows you to pursue a wrongful death claim to begin with. Hiring an experienced attorney sooner rather than later is in your best interest as there is a limited window of time in which to pursue these cases.

How the Loss of a Loved One Affects Life Moving Forward

The loss of a family member can have repercussions in many different ways. One of the most significant has to do with finances. A family for example may struggle to make ends meet and pay basic bills after a major breadwinner is lost in a negligence accident. Some of the individuals empower to pursue a wrongful death claim include children, surviving spouses and surviving grandchildren. Bear in mind that these are not the only family members who may be equipped to file a claim.

If none of these individuals exists then the right to file a claim does pass on to others including grandparent, siblings, nephews and nieces, parents and other descendants. Issues in a wrongful death claim can be extremely complex and of course depend on the facts of the accident. It is imperative to be able to illustrate that the injuries that ultimately took your loved one`s life were associated with someone else’s negligent behavior.

Common Types of Wrongful Death Claims

While every accident is unique, there are several common threats and types of accidents that often lead to wrongful death claims. Identifying a Carlsbad wrongful death lawyer who has handled cases like this before is the first step towards protecting your future. Any accident could be lethal if the injuries to the victim are severe enough. Sometimes some accidents have a higher risk of fatal injuries than others.

Someone who sustains a traumatic brain injury for example might suffer fatal injuries at the scene of the accident or shortly thereafter. The elderly and young children are also more susceptible to fatal injuries as well. Some of the most common incidents that lead to a wrongful death claim include:

  • Truck accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Brain injury accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Train accidents
  • Bus accidents

In the event that one of these events was the catalyst for the injuries that ultimately claimed the life of your loved one you may be empowered to reclaim your future by speaking with a knowledgeable wrongful death lawyer. You have enough to worry about as you grieve the loss of a loved one and it can be devastating to realize that your loved one’s injuries and death were completely preventable. However, you may be able to recover compensation that helps you focus on coping with the grieve and moving on with your life. Do not hesitate to get help from an attorney as soon as possible. A Carlsbad wrongful death lawyer can help.

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