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What happens if you’ve recently been out on the water and been hurt due to a crash or a sinking event? Who’s responsible? What’s next? How can you increase your chances of recovering effectively? These are the kinds of questions often swirling through the mind of someone who has recently survived a water disaster. Our Carlsbad boating accident lawyer’s are available to answer your questions.

More than 12 million water vessels are registered across the United States, but a vast majority of them are registered in California alone. Over 800,000 watercrafts are registered within the State of California. Unfortunately, far too many of them are involved in preventable accidents associated with negligence.

California: Home to Many Boats and Accidents

With 8,000 square miles containing inland water and 3,400 miles of shoreline, it’s no surprise that California is home to a lot of boating activity and, unfortunately, boating accidents. California is home to one of the largest concentrated areas of residential watercraft use in the entire country. Unfortunately, however, this frequently translates to higher numbers of accidents, too. There were nearly 600 watercraft accidents in just California in 2010, leading to 283 injuries and nearly 50 deaths. The accident totaled more than $4 million in property damage in California.

Common Causes of Boating Injuries and Accidents

The United States Coast Guard has gathered and analyzed data associated with California boating accidents. The 5 primary causes of boating accidents include operator inexperience, alcohol use, excessive speed, improper lookout, and operating inattention.

Although formal training and examination is usually required for drivers of automobiles in California, there are no mandated requirements for boat operators in California. This means that many people out on the water simply do not have the necessary experience or the training to properly operate their boats.

A victim might realize this a little too late, however, when a crash or a sinking event happens. No one expects their fun day out on the water to turn into a disaster, but there are options if this has happened to you. Your first priority should be to get medical attention and then to turn to someone for legal advice about next steps. You expect that anyone manning a watercraft will give the prospect their full attention while out on the water. When this falls short due to a negligent operator, recovering compensation may be the only way for you to move on after an accident.

Impacts of a Boating Crash

Boating accidents in California can lead to more critical and life-threatening injuries than automobile accidents. The only protection that a rider has in the event of a boating accident is any onboard safety system and a life vest. While it is essential to take these necessary steps like wearing your life vests in order to prevent being seriously injured in a boati accident injury, this does not always prevent you from suffering any injuries at all.

Alcohol, unfortunately, plays a large role in the vast majority of boating accidents. California has strict laws on the books about boating under the influence, but intoxicated and drunk passengers may also pose a risk of distracting the operator or causing other problems like falling overboard.

The impact of a boat accident can be far-reaching in California. The boating accident can be caused by tubing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, water skiing, an inattentive driver, a drunk driver or a drowsy driver. In the event that a boating accident occurs, the insurance company may also play an important role in helping a victim recover benefits. However, working with the insurance company can be extremely difficult if you have never found yourself in this situation before.

It is essential to consult with an experienced Carlsbad boating accident lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can help evaluate the legal facts of your case and give you next steps moving forward. Those individuals who have been injured in a boating accident may be entitled to recover compensation for lost wages, past and future medical expenses, and other compensation associated with their injuries. Some of the most common injuries in a boating accident include fractures, broken bones, lacerations and cuts, burns and scarring, internal bleeding, traumatic brain injuries, and other issues.

In the event that you have recently been injured in a boating accident, speaking with a Carlsbad boating accident lawyer is strongly recommended so that you have a clear understanding of your rights moving forward and understand what is required of you in the event that you file a legal claim.

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