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Most Dangerous Roads in San Diego County for Car and Truck Accidents

Numerous people get injured or killed in San Diego County vehicle crashes. In fact, between 2008 and 2018, some 868 people died on our highways, according to a 10-year review.

Sadly, one of the most common causes of these accidents is irresponsible driving. Studies have found that California drivers are the most aggressive in the nation, frequently engaging in dangerous activities on the road such as speeding and tailgating.

It also doesn’t help that roads in the San Diego metro area are in need of repairs or improvements. As of 2020, 44 percent of the city’s streets are in poor condition, making it the 8th city in the US with the worst roads.

Some highways and intersections in San Diego County are noticeably more accident-prone than others. Car drivers, truckers, and pedestrians will want to be aware of these sites where more caution may be needed.

If you’re concerned about a car accident claim in California, contact a good auto accident ttorney as soon as possible.  

San Diego County’s Deadliest Roads

According to a 10-year review, these are the roads in San Diego County with the most number of accident fatalities from 2008 to 2018:

Interstate 5 — 181 deaths in San Diego County

  • Known locally as “The 5, ”I-5 is a major highway that carries more than a million drivers every single day, including truckers who travel long miles across states. The interstate runs the entire length of California and is ranked as the 11th most dangerous highway in the US (as of 2021).

Interstate 8 — 120 deaths in San Diego County

  • The San Diego segment of this interstate is rife with busy intersections and uneven lanes. On top of those, some sections of this east-west highway occasionally have to be shut down due to natural hazards such as snowstorms (in mountainous areas) and spot fires.

Interstate 15 — 118 deaths in San Diego County

  • Also among the most dangerous highways in America, I-15 has more than its fair share of terrible traffic and drunk drivers. In addition, certain sections of this highway run perfectly straight across desert landscapes, enticing drivers to speed and get reckless. 

Interstate 805 — 77 deaths in San Diego County

  • Recent road projects have contributed to more traffic jams and closures on this highway. On some segments, natural hazards like brush fires also spill over to the street, posing danger to motorists.

State Route 76 — 74 deaths in San Diego County

  • This is another highway that has had increased public works in recent years. It also gets affected by vegetation fires that spread quickly due to Santa Ana winds.

It is vital to observe safety when traveling on these dangerous roads and intersections. 

However, if someone else’s negligence led to your injury or to a loved one’s wrongful death, talk to an attorney to see how you could claim compensation.

San Diego County’s Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians

A separate six-year study looked at San Diego County accidents that injured or killed pedestrians. It found that these are the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in the county:

  1. University Ave. & First Ave. in Hillcrest — 20 crashes (6 injuries, 0 fatalities)
  2. Valley Pkway. & Midway Drive-in Escondido — 13 crashes (13 injuries, 2 fatalities)
  3. Linda Vista Rd. & Ulric St. in Linda Vista — 13 crashes (13 injuries, 1 fatality)
  4. 4th Ave. & C St. in Chula Vista — 9 crashes (10 injuries, 2 fatalities)
  5. Federal Blvd. & Euclid Ave. in Oak Park — 11 crashes (12 injuries, 0 fatalities).

Several factors make intersections particularly risky for commuters. Many intersections in San Diego are notoriously busy with heavy traffic, making collisions almost inevitable. Some corners are also perilous because of their blind turns and lack of adequate signage or lighting.

Above all, many drivers are unfortunately guilty of improper turning, speeding at intersections, failing to yield, and failing to use signal lights. These driving offenses are forms of negligence that may entitle you to compensation if you were injured by the driver.

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