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A Victim of a Lyft Or Uber Car Accident May Be Entitled To Personal Injury Compensation

With so much traffic clogging up the roads in big cities like San Diego it didn’t take long before Lyft and Uber establish their services in the city. They are friendlier versions of taxis and require a comradely relationship between the driver and passengers. They offer a cheaper service than taxis and if you want to use a vehicle your downloadable app will tell you which one is closest to you at the time.

You don’t need to pay cash as you can set up an account with your chosen provider who then deducts the cost of your ride after it’s over. This seems quite simple and very convenient if you need to get to some place in a hurry, or you know they will be no parking available to you at a particular place for your own car.

Are Uber and Lyft Drivers Actually Safe?

In a bid to ensure that a rider can trust their drivers Lyft at least has put their drivers through a screening process which includes:

  • searching through all the state’s sex offending registers;
  • interviewing a potential driver by a current driver;
  • holding a driver’s license for no less than one year;
  • zero tolerance towards drugs and alcohol.

In addition to this, because of the virtual nature of the service, riders are able to rate their ride experience and if the rating is too low the driver will be taken off the list.

Who pays compensation in an accident?

Lyft drivers aren’t immune from accidents, but even though they aren’t employed as such but are classed as independent contractors, Lyft insures every driver with a million dollar liability cover. The California Vehicle Code Section 5430 insists that on top of that there is underinsured/uninsured cover for one million dollars, just in case an accident happens and the at-fault driver in the other vehicle has no insurance.

If you are involved in an accident in a Lyft vehicle you can claim compensation for medical treatment, loss of earnings and pain and suffering. If the amount held under the Lyft insurance is not sufficient, you can claim from the driver’s insurance too, if he or she has liability cover. The $1 million in insurance coverage is applicable from the time the driver accepts your request for a ride request on until the driver completes the transaction on the app or the ride is complete, whichever comes last.

If the Uber/ Lyft driver was not at-fault you should be able to file a compensation claim against the other driver. San Diego drivers must carry insurance. But as no one can guarantee that any other driver has insurance many drivers do take out uninsured motorist cover.

Damages available in a San Diego Uber/Lyft accident

These include:

  • past & future pain and suffering and physical impairment
  • past & future hospital, medical rehabilitation & disability expenses
  • past financial losses including loss of wages or salary and the value of property damaged
  • loss of income into the future due to long-term disablement
  • punitive damages to cover negligence
  • wrongful death if the lawsuit is filed by the family of a person who has died

Hire an attorney to help you win compensation

You may think it sounds easy to get the compensation you deserve but insurers rarely want to pay up entitlements and can be very obstructive.  They make it particularly difficult if you don’t have an experienced San Diego attorney to represent you such as Robert Hamparyan at the Hamparyan Injury Lawyers who has a vast amount of experience handling cases like yours.

If you or a member of your family has been injured in an Uber/ Lyft accident in San Diego don’t hesitate to book a free consultation at the Hamparyan Injury Lawyers. One of their attorneys will assess your eligibility for personal injury compensation and will work aggressively until a satisfactory settlement has been negotiated. If you are unable to come to the office because your injuries prevent you from doing so Robert will come to your home instead.


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