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Are Insurance Companies Bias In Motorcycle Injury Claims?

Motorcycle accidents usually happen when a car or truck driver fails to recognize a motorcycle as an oncoming vehicle. Collisions frequently occur when motor vehicle drivers come out from a side street or make a left turn directly into the motorcyclist’s path. Nearly 80% of all contact accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles involve a front-end collision or side impacts.

Playing on the public’s prejudice against motorcycles

Many car drivers and pedestrians hold a biased opinion that motorcycle riders have a defiant disregard for danger and are often to blame for accidents that may happen. This prejudice is one of the reasons why motorcycle injury cases are harder to win.

Defense lawyers for insurance companies rely on the prejudice the general public holds against motorcycles and their riders. They will play this up to try convince the court that you are at fault. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer has the skill to alter a biased courtroom’s perspective and shift the decision in your favor.

Placing the blame on the motorcyclist as a defense

Insurance companies and insurance defense lawyers usually have the motorcycle rider as their primary focus of a defense. They’ll allege the rider didn’t use evasive action to avoid an accident. They’ll try to persuade the judge and jury that the motorcyclist is at fault for not responding at once to an unlawful left turn or failing to yield to the motor vehicle’s unmindful driver.

Fault is hanged on the motorcycle driver in several ways, which include:

  •       Not slowing down sooner
  •       Being on the wrong part of the lane
  •       Not wearing bright enough clothing
  •       Failing to wear any protective gear
  •       Failing to veer out of the way of the offending vehicle
  •       Driving experience
  •       Physical disabilities
  •       Mental condition at the time of the accident

Hanging fault on the motorcycle as a defense

The motorcycle itself is another focus of defense. The insurance company will often have every inch of the motorcycle inspected in search of any added parts, accessories, or after-market modifications that may have affected its handling.

Another way insurance companies put the blame on the motorcyclist is by assessing the motorcycle’s performance. If the bike has loud muffler pipes, the insurance defense lawyer might assert that the motorcyclist’s control was largely affected by their failure to hear and react to the oncoming vehicle’s horn.

Motorbike Accident Lawyer Robert Hamparyan Riding His Bike

Looking for other means to throw fault on the motorcyclist, insurance investigators will even check the damaged motorcycle’s tire pressure, as well as torque on the bike’s different rotating components.

The insurance investigators’ pursuit of crash assessment is nearly limitless. If the motorcycle’s damage or “crash rash” is on its upper portion, the at-fault car driver’s lawyer will state that the motorcyclist had control issues. If the damage is on the motorcycle’s lower portion, the lawyer will put the blame on loss of traction.

Why you need to consult an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer

Insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying damages following a motorcycle accidents. Do not give any statements or accept any settlement offers until you consult with an attorney.

Seeking the assistance of a skilled attorney is essential if you want to be justly compensated for your injuries and damage.

An experienced motorcycle injury lawyer has the ability to prevent insurance company lawyers from employing deceitful tactics to avoid paying the just claims of accident victims.

Contact the Riders Lawyer

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