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San Diego Birth Injury Lawyer

Thousands of infants and mothers suffer from preventable birth injuries in the US each year. One study states that in 2006 alone, nearly 157,000 birth injuries to newborns and mothers were potentially avoidable. That’s about 430 preventable cases every day.

Birth injuries can also lead to serious or permanent disorders that deeply impact a family. One careless error on the part of an obstetrician or birth attendant could mean a lifetime of physical, financial, and emotional difficulties.

If your loved one has suffered from a birth injury that resulted from negligence, know that your family may be entitled to compensation. While a monetary payment cannot undo such an excruciating experience, it can greatly ease your family’s financial burden and help you secure a better life for your child.

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Types Of Birth Injuries

Though labor and delivery are a naturally delicate process, childbirth professionals should be able to perform it in such a way that minimizes harm to the mother or baby. Small bumps and bruises may be expected in this process, but severe injuries like excessive bleeding and oxygen deprivation should not normally occur. Such injuries are often the result of a physician’s negligence.

Among mothers, a severe injury during delivery may cause excessive pain and pose life-threatening risks. These are some common injuries to mothers that occur under a negligent childbirth professional:

  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Broken bones
  • Caesarean section injuries
  • Eclampsia – seizures in pregnant women with high blood pressure, sometimes leading to a stroke, coma, or death
  • Fissure – a tear in the lining of the anus
  • Infection in the reproductive system
  • Preeclampsia – a precursor to eclampsia, characterized by high blood pressure and some damage to the woman’s liver or kidneys
  • Vaginal lacerations.

Mothers who experienced extreme agony during childbirth may also suffer from mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Though this is not a physical injury, it is recognized by the law, and if found to be a result of childbirth negligence, it may entitle the family to compensation as well.

Among infants, a single birth injury can result in a lifelong disability or death. Here are some examples:

  • Anoxia – absence of oxygen to the baby’s organs, often causing permanent brain damage
  • Cerebral palsy – brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen and typically cripples the baby
  • Cranial hemorrhage – bleeding in the brain that is sometimes life-threatening
  • Erb’s palsy – nerve damage in the shoulder area resulting in arm disability
  • Fractures/Broken bones
  • Hypoxia – low levels of oxygen, which triggers various complications such as brain damage, impaired motor abilities, and paralysis
  • Quadriplegia
  • Shoulder dystocia – damage to the infant’s shoulder or arms after being stuck in the birth canal for a long time
  • Spinal cord problems.

Birth injuries are too often fatal for infants. Babies who survive often have impairments that limit their growth and future. They may require major medical procedures, long-term therapy, and special needs care, and even then, the injury may be irreversible. This translates to massive lifelong expenses and emotional strain for the family.

Medical Malpractice Causing Birth Injury

When an OB/GYN or childbirth attendant was negligent enough to cause an injury to a mother or baby, it may be a case of medical malpractice. These are some common examples of negligent errors during childbirth:

  • The childbirth professional failed to examine warning signs of a complicated birth.
  • The obstetrician did not review the mother’s medical history.
  • The doctor refused to perform – or delayed – a necessary Caesarian section delivery.
  • The birth attendant used excessive force on the infant.
  • The medical staff administered unsuitable drugs.
  • The OB/GYN failed to monitor the mother’s or infant’s vital signs.
  • The hospital’s birthing equipment was unsafe or inadequate.

Pinpointing a medical error can be understandably difficult for a lay person, which is why many childbirth professionals are able to deny their liability. They may dismiss injuries as birth complications or unavoidable outcomes of the process, instead of as a result of their mistakes. It is very common for families to be met with confusing justifications full of medical jargon from doctors trying to evade responsibility.

To truly understand your birth injury, don’t hesitate to get the opinion of a physician you trust. Also, if you suspect that negligence played a part in your injury, consult a reliable attorney. Your lawyer should be able to investigate the case and help you understand your rights from a legal standpoint.

Choose The Right San Diego Birth Injury Attorney

A birth injury case can be highly challenging – first, because it revolves around an intricate medical process, and also because it likely involves medical professionals who are well-resourced to handle claims against them. It’s easy for any family to get lost in the medical and legal maze around the injury.

Whether you simply want answers at this point, or you have decided to file a malpractice claim, you should be protected by a lawyer who is experienced, aggressive, and committed to serving families.

This is the kind of legal service we provide at Hamparyan Injury Lawyers. We are one of San Diego’s most successful injury firms, with a success rate of 98 percent and client recoveries amounting to over $200 million. Our head attorney Robert Hamparyan has decades of multi-awarded experience, and he is not afraid to face powerful doctors and insurers in behalf of Californian families.

Hamparyan Injury Lawyers can provide you with effective legal advice, favorable settlement negotiation, and, if needed, hard-hitting representation at trial. We work hard in any legal venue to obtain the maximum compensation that your family deserves.

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