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Apple Obtains Permit to Test Self-Drive Autos in California

Apple has been granted a permit to conduct test-runs on self-drive vehicles, which means it’s competing with Google, amongst others. The iPhone producer hasn’t yet said when or how this is going to take place. The tech. giant, which has its headquarters in California, will be focusing on the software systems, while leaving the car…

California Tort Claims Act 2017

legal law concept - court legal form for filing statement of damages for personal injury wrongful death.

California’s Tort Claims Act (CTCA) includes the rules and regulations that govern how claims are filed against a government entity. If the government is to be named in a lawsuit, the claim must fall within the guidelines of the California Tort Claims Act. Situations wherein your claim will fall under the Act include: You trip…

Another Bike Accident in Bike Safety Month

bicycle accident

It’s Bike Safety Month in San Diego. It’s not just a San Diego event, but is something that has been organized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) all over the U.S. in an attempt to cut down the number of serious injuries and fatalities which befall cyclists every year. More about Bike Safety…

Big Drop in Boating Accidents in San Diego County

boat capsizing

It’s not often that news about personal injuries is good. The accident rate, whether it is on the state’s highways or in a shopping mall, just seems to climb and climb. But good news has emerged about California boating accidents and it concerns us right here in San Diego County. According to a number of…

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Results in Settlement for Injured Riders

motorcycle accident

The city of San Diego recently agreed to a $375,000 settlement for the riders of a motorcycle who were severely injured in an accident in the neighborhood of Clairemont Mesa. This was after two years of litigation against the city for what plaintiffs claim was negligence for failure to construct a safe roadway. In 2014,…

Jury Awards Huge Sum in Death of Construction Worker

fallen worker

A jury in neighboring Los Angeles County determined that a construction company was to blame for the death of one of its employees who died in 2011. The fatality occurred when the employee  was helping to place a wall in a construction area which later collapsed on him, causing serious head injury which resulted in…

Dog Bites Are Costing More Than Money in San Diego County

vicious dog barking

These are the types of headlines you hate to read: 3-Day-Old Baby Killed by Dog. Unfortunately, these type of headlines are far too common. Pets are commonplace and part of our lives. However, failure to take proper care of them or warn others when there is a danger can lead to serious injury and even…

Liability of the San Diego County Jail System for Wrongful Death

downton california

Over the past year, San Diego County has made national news and not for a good reason. The county jail system has been highlighted as having one of the highest suicide rates in the nation. Relying on a database implemented by the Huffington Post, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported in July that more than 800…


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