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Suing for Pain and Suffering? 5 Things You Need to Know

In high-profile personal injury cases, pain and suffering typically accounts for a large percentage of the settlement award. Recovering from an injury can undoubtedly be a long and painful process. In some cases, the emotional distress can be more painful and debilitating than the physical injury. Seeking compensation for your suffering is not unreasonable, but…

Driving and Cell Phone Laws in California

With distracted driving reaching dangerous levels, California has enacted several laws that restrict or prohibit the use of mobile devices when behind the wheel. These laws are a part of a growing nationwide trend to limit cell phone use while driving, particularly among new drivers. Evidence suggests that drivers using cell phones are more distracted,…

A Victim of a Lyft Or Uber Car Accident May Be Entitled To Personal Injury Compensation

downton california

With so much traffic clogging up the roads in big cities like San Diego it didn’t take long before Lyft and Uber establish their services in the city. They are friendlier versions of taxis and require a comradely relationship between the driver and passengers. They offer a cheaper service than taxis and if you want…

E-Cigarettes May Cause Life Changing Facial Lacerations and Poisoning

electronic cigarette

Many people who make the unfortunate mistake of taking up cigarette smoking when they are young are suddenly confronted with an addiction problem when they find it’s almost impossible to give up instantly or when they choose. Even frightening advertising and constant warnings about the illnesses that could develop if smoking is continued for long…

School Yard Injuries Can Attract Personal Injury Claims

evening at the beach

It often takes a lot for you as a parent to finally let go of your child when he or she has reached school age and you are no longer responsible throughout the day to meet everyday needs.  The last thing you could ever imagine happening is your child getting injured while you are not…

How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

evening view of skyline

You may have shortlisted a number of personal injury lawyers from either web searches or recommendations from family and friends. No one personal injury case is the same so you will have to do some of your own groundwork before reaching the point of hiring someone. Experience is Vital When Choosing the Right Lawyer You…

Hit and Run Accidents and Personal Injury Lawsuits


Running away from a motor vehicle accident is an illegal act in California and in fact any other state. The California Vehicle Code Sections, 20001 and 20002 state that those involved in a motor vehicle accident where injury and property damage have taken place are required to stop and remain at the scene of the…

Calculating Damages in a California Personal Injury Claim

waves close up

Typically, most personal injury claims are pursued in a civil court. They involve financial compensation for somebody who was injured in an accident due to the negligent actions of another person. This type of financial settlement for a personal injury is known as damages. Compensatory Damages There are two parties involved in a damages claim….

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Negotiates Your Claim

spine injury

Successful personal injury lawyers like Robert Hamparyan understand how to persuasively negotiate a fair personal injury claim with insurance adjusters who represent clients who have been blamed for causing personal injury. In many ways, the negotiation process may seem rather similar to old-fashioned haggling at a market place. The plaintiff’s lawyer will have done a…

Who Needs a Personal Injury Attorney?

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If you have been involved in any type of accident and you believe you were not to blame, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the person who caused your accident. In order to qualify, the injury typically must be serious enough that you required hospital treatment. In other words, a…


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